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KFC is a fast food chain of restaurants that is based out of Louisville, Kentucky. The first restaurant was founded by Harland Sanders (otherwise known as Colonel Sanders) in 1952. Now Harland Sanders was a master promoter and could sell his idea to practically anyone. He even referred to himself as Colonel Sanders, even though he was never actually a Colonel. Since the start KFC menu prices have been very reasonable.

It was 1936 when the then governor Ruby Laffoon bestowed the name the “Kentucky Colonel” to Harland Sanders. Sanders, being the natural promoter that he was, took the name and ran with it. By the 1950s the Kentucky Colonel was often referred to as just the Colonel. Ever since then the name Colonel is more synonymous with Sanders than his actual real first name.

Year after year the fast food franchise grew faster and faster. The Colonel spent countless hours on the road keeping tabs on all of his franchises. Low KFC menu prices surged the restaurant’s popularity. By the early 1960s the task of managing all of the franchises wore on Colonel Sanders, which led to the eventual sale of the company to a group of investors. The sale included the stipulation that Colonel Sanders would still be the face of the fast food company and that he would still be in charge of quality control of his chicken.

Once the Colonel sold his beloved company the franchise took off. In just two years the company grew so fast that the board of directors decided to take the franchise public and list it on the stock exchange. The listing was met with great enthusiasm. In just 4 years after Colonel Sanders sold his company, KFC became the largest fast food franchise in the world.

Eventually the fast food company became too big for current investors of the company so a sale was made to Heublein for $285 million in 1971. A stratospheric number considering Colonel Sanders sold the company for just $2 million seven years earlier. Heublein continued to hold controlling interests in the company for about 9 more years until it was taken over by RJ Reynolds.

By 1986 RJ Reynolds wanted to get out of the fast food business which led to the eventual sale to the now parent company, PepsiCo. The sale was for $850 million. Again this was yet another stratospheric number considering the relatively short existence of the fast food company.

Today PepsiCo still maintains a controlling interest in KFC, though it is directly controlled by its spun off company Yum Brands. The fast food company boasts more than 17,000 restaurant locations in more than 115 different countries. It is still wildly popular in the United States and in many other countries like China it is by far the most popular restaurant chain in the country.

Growth for KFC has slowed somewhat over recent years but compared to other worldwide restaurants it is still growing at a phenomenal rate. There have been some major bumps in the road along the way but the company has certainly learned from those mistakes and continues to grow from them. We appreciate you visiting KFC Menu Prices Dot Org.

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