Eating Healthy At KFC

The fast food chain KFC has not always been known for serving healthy food. In fact, it wasn’t until recent years that the health food craze prompted the fast food chain to think about their menu choices more. Today the fast food chain offers a much wider variety of healthy food items on their expanded menu. And in addition to the new and healthier menu items, some of the existing items were changed to offer a more calorie friendly product. KFC menu prices have evolved with these changes and have not compromised the low cost of eating at the restaurant.

For starters, KFC began offering more than just fried chicken as their chicken menu options. They began offering healthier menu items like baked, oven roasted, and grilled chicken. These menu items have less grams of fat and nearly half the calories. And the great thing is there is no sacrifice in taste for these particular menu items.

Another way to eat healthy at KFC is to try one of their delicious salads. There is, of course, a grilled chicken salad offered that is just barely 200 calories. Other salad options are available as well, which are rotated periodically. They are also dependant on region so not all franchise locations will offer the same salads.

A third area of introduction from KFC is healthier side menu items. These include vegetable items like green beans, corn, and even their cole slaw. Of course the dessert sides are not quite as healthy, but their are quite delicious.

What seems to surprise most people about KFC is that the fast food restaurant offers a lot of healthy menu options. In fact a lot more than many other restaurants. It’s hard to believe by some people because they still think of the word “fried” when they think of KFC. Now the fried is only a part of the menu offerings at KFC.

So how does one make sure they have a healthy meal at KFC? All of their menu items are listed on their website with all of their nutritional values. This includes the amount of calories for each menu item, the amount of fat, and the amount of sodium (or salt) that is in each serving. If you take the time to review all of the information it can be a lot easier to eat healthy at KFC.

After looking at the nutritional value, just make a list of your nutritional limits per day. If you are trying to limit yourself to say 1,500 calories a day then you can take the nutritional information and carefully plan out your meal at KFC as well as for the rest of the day. Never visit KFC, or any restaurant for that matter, without a clear plan of what you will order if your intention is to stay on a fixed calorie diet. Keep in mind that KFC menu prices for a fatty greasy fried chicken is practically the same price and their healthier grilled options.

There are plenty of healthy options to eat at KFC that are well suited for any type of diet. Eating at KFC does not have to be a discreet pleasure anymore. With all of the healthy menu options you do not have to feel bad at all when eating there. Thanks for visiting KFC Menu Prices Dot Org.

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