KFC Menu Prices

KFC offers a wide selection of Southern style foods. Their menu includes family meals, individual meals, snack items, and desserts. Included below are the restaurant’s menu prices. These prices are based on national averages, expect prices to vary by location.

6 Piece MealIncludes 1 Large Side And 3 Biscuits$14.09
Just The Chicken$9.79
8 Piece Meal Includes 2 Large Sides And 4 Biscuits$19.59
Just The Chicken$12.49
12 Piece MealIncludes 3 Large Sides And 6 Biscuits$29.19
Just The Chicken$18.39
16 Piece MealIncludes 4 Large Sides And 8 Biscuits$35.69
Just The Chicken$23.89
Variety BucketIncludes 2 Large Sides and 4 Biscuits$19.59

The restaurant’s family meals are ideal for a large dinner or gathering. They come complete with chicken as well as your choice of various sides and biscuits.

The restaurant’s individual meals are perfect for a quick nicely portioned meal. This option includes chicken and your choice of sides. Whether your prefer thighs, wings, or breasts, KFC has the perfect individual meal for you.

Includes 2 Sides And A Biscuit
1 PieceBreast$5.49
2 PieceDrumstick And Thigh$5.79
2 PieceBreast And Wing$6.39
3 PieceDrumsticks And Thigh$7.39
3 PieceBreasts And Wing$8,79
4 PieceDrumsticks And Thighs$8.79
4 PieceWhole Wings$5.99
Add A Drink$1.69
Kids Meals$3.79

Chicken strips are another popular option. These delightful lightly breaded strips are available individually or as a meal. This gives you the option of making them a side dish or a complete lunch or dinner.

3 Pieces$3.59
6 Pieces$6.39
12 Pieces$11.99

KFC’s Hot Wings combine the perfect balance of spiciness and the tender chicken we’ve all come to love. Currently they are available in several quantities: 6 piece, 10 piece, and 18 piece. These quantities may vary by location.

6 Pieces$4.95
10 Pieces$8.10
18 Pieces$14.99

The KFC menu also includes a variety of sides. Your choices include things such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, baked beans, and many more. These sides are the perfect compliment to your chicken dinner.

Individual $1.49Large $2.99
Mashed Potatoes
Macaroni And Cheese
Baked Beans
Side Salad
Green Beans
Sweet Corn

As to be expected the restaurant carries all popular soda brands and flavors you’d find in a fast food restaurant.


In addition to the the main menu, KFC also has a value menu. The KFC value menu is ideal for anyone on a budget or someone looking for a small meal. The most popular value menu items include their “Snacker” sandwiches and their 2 for $0.99 biscuits. Both make for excellent small meals or the perfect addition to your main meal.

 Value Menu 
KFC Snacker$.99
2 Biscuits$.99
2 Apple Turn Overs$.99
Side Sald$1.99
Toasted Wrap$1.99
Snack Box$1.99
Snack Size Bowl$2.49
Honey BBQ Sandwich $1.49

Use the above prices as a guide to plan out your next trip to the restaurant. Studies show those who budget out their meals ahead of time end up spending less at restaurants.

Keep in mind the KFC menu prices shown may vary by location. Before heading out, consider calling your local KFC to confirm their prices.

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