KFC On A Budget

If you’re a fan of KFC you know it is both delicious and affordable. However those of us who are on a budget naturally want to spend less on our meals. Its understandable when you consider the average individual food budget is around $300-$400 monthly, and dining out can make that cost even bigger.

Refer to the tips below for information on how to dine at KFC on a budget.

Value Menu

One of the best ways to save money at KFC is with their value menu. The restaurant offers several menu items ranging from $.99 to $1.99. This is an incredible value that will save you a substantial amount of money. The most popular KFC value menu items includes their Snackers, biscuits, and side salad. If you’re on a budget consider combining a few of these items to make an inexpensive meal.

KFC Coupons

Another great way to save is with the use of KFC coupons. Coupons can easily save you anywhere from 50% to 100% on your next trip to the restaurant. In finding these coupons you have several options. One of the most popular places to find them is via local advertisements. KFC routinely sends out coupons and promotional offers through things such as your local newspaper, your mail, etc. If there is a location in your area chances are they are sending coupons to you. If not, consider in store coupons. Many KFC locations have coupons on hand behind the counter. To obtain them, simply make a request with a worker at your local KFC restaurant. For more information on how to obtain coupons refer to our article “KFC Coupon Offers”.

Family Meals

If you are feeding a large group or family consider purchasing a KFC family meal. These are large meals which cost slightly less since you are buying so much food. Family meals come with chicken,  your choice of sides, and biscuits. The amount of chicken and sides you receive is dependent upon which meal deal you choose. For options and price details refer to our article “KFC Menu Prices” for more information.

KFC $5 Fill Up Boxes

The restaurant’s $5 fill up boxes provide a full meal for just $5. All come with specific sides and a medium drink. In choosing your meal you have several options. There is the 3 Piece Chicken Tender box, Breast Piece Box, 2 Piece Drumstick And Thigh box, Famous Bowl box, and Pot Pie Box.

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