About KFC

Founded by Harland Sanders in 1930 KFC quickly catapulted to success and become a national icon among fast food restaurants. To this day the restaurant is indisputably the number one fried chicken fast food restaurant in America and the world.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a subsidiary of “Yum Brands” which owns several other fast food restaurants including McDonalds and Chipotle. The restaurant reached success with its original recipe fried chicken which includes 11 herbs and spices. The secret recipe is tightly locked away so don’t even think twice about replicating it. Since the restaurant’s birth the menu has remained fairly consistent. With exception to a few recent add ons the restaurant’s menu has fundamentally remained the same and has remained in tact with specific southern staples of southern cuisine. Those popular menu items include things such as fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, and many other items you’d find in the South. Call it “comfort food” or “soul food” or whatever you want, either way it has become an American icon and is catching incredible popularity world wide.

KFC has gone through numerous face lifts through the years. Originally they stuck to their fried chicken and only a handful of sides, now you will notice a myriad of new products and sides that were never native to the company’s original menu. Over the years some have stuck and some have disappeared. However the one thing that will always remain true to KFC is their fried chicken. Many have attempted to replicate their original recipe but all have fallen short. There is truly no way of stealing whatever those original 11 herbs and spices the Colonal came up with are. As of now there are over 19,000 KFC restaurant locations.

The restaurant is not restricted to America. In fact the restaurant chain is wide spread across 118 countries and territories. With 4,561 locations China has become a particular favorite of the restaurant. As the company grows KFC sets its targets on new markets. Currently there are 70 locations in Africa however the company anticipates those numbers growing dramatically.

As for America the company has continued to excel. Currently it is generating over 4 billion dollars in sales and continues to shine.

Often you can find KFC partnered with another restaurant at a single location. The most popular of this instance being Pizza Hut. Yum brands owns both restaurant chains so has incorporated thousands of their locations as a half and half. Hey, who can complain about getting a smothered burrito and a double pepperoni pizza all in one place?


With innovative products such as the “double down” its really anyone’s guess as too what we’ll see next from the fast food chain. They have shown they are not afraid to take risks with their new products.


To this day KFC continues to be a dynamo in the fast food industry. With billions of dollars in sales annually they have proven to be a true American icon in the food industry. What’s your favorite KFC menu item?

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